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Neeta & Harsharan Maini    (2013-03-07)

I would like to thank you and your team for helping us assess the potential of my child. I do understand that what you have told us about the personality and the traits of my son and that they are likely to change with time, especially due to the environmental influences (peer groups) that the ch..

Aarsheya Gupta    (2013-03-11)

I must say it was a great experience to be able to know myself to such an extent and realise the answers to the many questions that i have chanced upon till date about my own personality and behavioural traits. Living through my yesteryears was a wonderful learning activity, one that has provided me an insight into what i was, what i am and what i can be with the proper utilisation of the 10 lobes and their respectively placed neurons!!
I am sure this analysis will also help me understand and nurture my personal relationships, something which has become a necessity given the nature and complications of the human society these days.
I would love to suggest this test and counselling to all i am in touch with, emphasising the fruitfulness of the in-depth analysis as well as the painstaking efforts put by you in getting me down to minute details.
At the same time, i hope you will be available to answer more questions in the near future as i embark on the journey to discover myself.
Thank you for being so kind and patient all through.

Dr.Arvind Gupta, Director INIFD    (2013-01-11)

It was a wonderful experience to be able to view myself, treating myself to be a different entity. It was a mirror reflection of the personality, which was evident because of its very presence and hence could not be/ cannot be belied.
I am sure I shall be able to use the introspection done and the conclusions derived to the best of my advantage for achieving real happiness and self satisfaction from my own life,  and also,opening up various mental knots which have been causing a lot of distress at times.
Nevertheless, I think it is too early to analyse and put my mind to the execution of various aspects of my personality put forth by you and Mr Sunil. I may have to visit and revisit my analysis done by the software. But I wonder, if there can be some means of reording the entire conversation between the counsellor and the client. It is easy for the specialist(s) to quickly review each and every element of the client's personality by taking a glimpse of the page 10, but a client will not be able to do so.And if half the conversation goes out of mind with passage of time, the purpose gets defeated to a great extent.
I would like to sit with you some time again to understand the report emailed to me. Presently, it looks a bit complicated for me to understnd much out of it.
Thankyou very much for all the effort and investment of time for us. Please do let me know the professional charges we need to pay to you for the services.

Arjit, Sunita & Sanjeev Taneja    (2013-05-28)

We are thankful to "BrainBuddy" and the Team and very much satisfied with all the things discussed, the skills, Personality learning style, and behavior of our child.
We have got good tips on Parenting style of our child.
Arjit, Sunita & Sanjeev Taneja.

Abha Verma    (2013-05-30)

I personally feel that the DMIT test is a great blessing for all the mankind for achieving a life full of satisfaction, positive growth, love, health and harmony. I also feel that my ward pooran chand is going to be greatly benefitted in his career, relationships and personality development and to know his strengths and weaknesses. Also I found that tips and suggestion given by the counselor (Humdeep Kaur) will be of great help for pooran to overcome his weaknesses and to bring  his strong points to excellence. I am highly thankful to the BrainBuddy team for putting in so much effort  and dedication in developing DMIT for creating a bright and joyful life for everyone. With all my heart and my soul,  I recommend DMIT to all to get the best of themselves.
Thanks & Best Wishes
Abha Verma
Nahan ( H.P )

Santosh Thakur    (2013-05-30)

I really feel that the DMIT test is very useful to understand my child Daksh. Now I  know how to teach my child, how to support my child’s moral. I have got to know my child’s hobby by this test. Before this test I used to force my child to study, I did not know that what is the interest of my child. We all force our kids to do this. Now I thank BrainBuddy team to launch this test in this small city ( Nahan ). I request all the parents to get the DMIT test done for their kids to know their child better and to help them in their problems and support the child with their interests. Now I will always try to help my child in his problems in his way. I will try to follow the Steps / Tips given by Humdeep Mam.
Thanks once again
Santosh Thakur Nahan
(Mother of Daksh)

Bhawna Sharma    (2013-06-04)

The concept is new and nice. I got to know the hidden talents and learning style of my child and how to improve them. I would like to thank Mr. Bhavishya for guiding us about this concept. The parenting tips given by Humdeep Mam were very useful for good parenting. I would like to thank Brain Buddy group and wish them good luck.
Bhawna Sharma ( Aryan’s Mom )

Vaibhav Gupta    (2013-06-05)

Most of the things I already knew about me but via this I realized many other things that I know but never realize them. My overall experience was simply awesome. The main thing was that I wanted to confirm about my career and future, whether I am going on a right path or not. But now after the counseling I am sure that I am going right.
Vaibhav Gupta
10+2 Student Ludhiana

Nidhi Gupta    (2013-06-10)

I am truly satisfied and thankful to sai associates for providing such a unique and scientific test to get to know about my child. Bharat my son is no doubt an intelligent child but with the help of this test I got to know the leaning and acquiring styles of my child. The hidden potential and talents of my son are also clear to me. The parenting tips discussed during the counseling session were really helpful to brighten my kid’s future. Brain buddy with the help of DMIT test has guided and motivated me to put me child on the right path.
Thanks to Mr. Bhavishya for all this
( Franchisee Holder of Nahan )
Nidhi Gupta

Jagdish Chouhan    (2014-01-21)

Since Long, i wanted to visit a career couselling institute for my childs. Fortunately, I came across the BRAIN BUDDY INstitute Nahan. The methodology of the institute is completely scientific that helps us to understand our children from almost every aspect. The report of my both the kids are right, relaible and consistant to what we actually find and see in actual life. This is very good test (DMIT) for deciding the career of a child especailly, when the child in his/her initial phase of study.
Jagdish Chauhan
(Father of Urvashi & Parikshit)

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